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CD’s are available for all the past speakers. The suggested donation is $8.00 each. Make checks payable to “Magnificat Greensburg”
SPEAKER                             BREAKFAST DATE  
Debi Byham                                               September 15, 2007  (Depression & Healing in Medjugorje)                     
Judy Krantz                                               January 26, 2008  (Alcoholism & Prison Ministry)
Arlene Fedes                                              April 26, 2008  (Divorce & Rejection by her children)
Susan Potvin                                              July 26, 2008 (Broken Family and accepting God as her Father)
Char Vance                                                September 13, 2008 (Finding God through a Healing in Medjugorje)
Joan Ulicny                                                January 24, 2009 (Abortion)
Ann Nicolosi-Foose                                   April 25, 2009  (Pro-Life)
Molly Kelly                                                July 18, 2009 (Chastity for Teens)
Renee Marazon                                         September 26, 2009  (Forgiveness and Healing)
Malinda Cecchini Sherid                         January 30, 2010 (Loss of Daughter/Organ Donor Program)
Kathy MacInnis                                        April 17, 2010 (Abandoning herself to God and caring for elderly parents)
Amy Betros                                               July 24, 2010 (Unconditional love/Saint Luke Mission Ministry)
Sister Ann Shields                                    October 24, 2010 (Faith & Obedience)
Elizabeth Ficocelli                                    January 29, 2011 (Conversion)
Mother Mary Anne Noll,OSB                April 9, 2011 (Faith & Benedictine Spirituality)
Lorene DuQuin                                        July 23, 2011   (Evangelization)
Annette Baber                                          October 1, 2011    (Jewish faith to Catholicism)
Jennifer Antkowiak                                 January 28, 2012  (Caregiver to parents and in-laws/faith)
Trudy Harris                                            April 28, 2012  (Hospice care and stories of those close to death)
Susan Conroy                                           July 21, 2012     (Work with Mother Teresa)
Gail Buckley                                             October 20, 2012 (Founder of Catholic Scripture Study Int.)
Kelly Reed                                                 February 2, 2013   (Conversion and reconciliation)  
Nancy Jo Sullivan                                    April 13, 2013 (God's presence in our lives)
Mary Vogrinc                                           October 5, 2013 (Foster parenting; living a sacramental life)
Dorothy Miller                                          January 25, 2014 (Reliance on the Holy Spirit through life's hardships)
Robin Beck                                                April 26, 2014 (Homosexuality; conversion to Catholicism)
Katherine Valentine                                 July 26, 2014 (Near death experience)
Debbie Herbeck                                        October 25, 2014 (Conversion from Judaism to Catholicism)
Dr. Carol Razza                                        January 31, 2015 (Healing lies about ourselves)
Kerry Weber                                             May 2, 2015 (Corporal Works of Mercy)
Kathleen McCarthy                                 July 25, 2015 (Healing Ministry & Real Presence of the Eucharist)
Nikki Bruni                                               October 24, 2015 (Pro-Life and Conv
Fr. Boniface Hicks, OSB                          January 30, 2016 (Conversion to Catholicism)
Kathleen Beckman                     April 30, 2016  (Healing and Deliverance and Praying For Priests)
Irene Carubia                      July 23, 2016  (Adopted mother of 7 finds strength in God's merciful love)
Kathy Wabick                      October 29, 2016  (Divine Mercy & praying at the bedside of the sick & dying)
Holly Joy McIlwain               January 28, 2017  (Conversion & the Joy of loving Jesus)
Lisa Mladnich                      April 8, 2017  (Conversion & inner beauty the 2nd half of life)

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